“Thanks a lot…”

"My career is over, and you think it's some kind of joke. Thanks a lot. Immature twats."

- Roxanne Pallett

“BIG help”

"I would never be the social media pussy for a company - I'd be the President!!!! Get it?
These jokers need BIG help to stop me suing their asses."

- President Donald Trump

“One of the best”

"Why would anyone would want to claim the Pepsi campaign? That was the worst ad in history. Not one of the best lies to tell if they want to get work."

- Pepsi (& Shirley)

“[Best] in the world”

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."

- Mahatama Gandhi

“Stand out”

"Is this kind of some weird joke in a feeble attempt to stand out from the litany of beige alternatives in the agency world?"

- Captain Obvious

“Great work”

"Great work on the website, guys. Made me chuckle. Got any jobs going? Guys?"

- Our stoner mate Jay