Brand Marketing

Kendall for Pepsi

We'll allow you a rare insight into our thought-process here:

Who drinks Pepsi? Millenials.

What do Millenials love? Superficial sentiments of equality.

Who's going to guarantee hits? Kim Kardashian.

Who's cheaper? Her sister.


Roxanne on CBB

With her career hitting a bit of a dry patch, we booked much-loved soap star Roxanne Pallet for Celebrity Big Brother to re-launch her career.

It went down a storm. We managed her media approach when leaving the house, where her exit interviews were praised for their honesty.


H&M Clothing

We showcased our copywriting, photography, and marketing skills by producing this charming children's range.

The green of the sweatshop, sorry, sweatshirt represents the metaphorical jungle vines that this little champ swings between in the playground of life.


Protein World

Strong is sexy. Anything else isn't. And how best to rub people's noses in it than to fat-shame them on the way to work? Before they've even had their morning coffee. Ouch.

It took us hours of mind-palacing to come up with the slogan, playing on the insight of a 'beach body' being a desirable state of fitness for holidays.